MEB Science Day


11 months ago

Reflection on the day

Closure of the MEB Science Day by MEB director Hugo Hurts. Thanks for this inspiring afternoon on ATMPs. More information will be published in the Regulatory Science Magazine end of February.

11 months ago

Panel discussion

And in the afternoon Dr Hans Ovelgönne, CAT member leads the panel discussion with panel: Dr Carla Herberts, Prof. Marc Turner, Dr Bethany Dudek, and two members of the Dutch Health & Youth Care Inspectorate.

11 months ago

ATMP GMP inspections

Experiences of the Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate regarding ATMP GMP inspections and Hospital Exemptions by a Senior inspector IGJ

11 months ago

During the lunchbreak we listen to the 3 regulatory science poster pitches of PhD candidates and students:

Renske ten Ham, PhD candidate, Challenges in development and marketing authorisation of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products in Europe


Delphi Coppens, PhD candidate, A decade of marketing approval of gene and cell based therapies in the United States, European Union, and Japan: A regulatory decision-making evaluation


Tahira Nakchedi, Master student, Regulatory experience with non-clinical studies of cell-based therapies: An analysis of studies on the biodistribution and tumorigenicity

11 months ago

Lessons learned from Yescarta

Dr Bethany Dudek, Kite Pharma explains which lessons were learned from Yescarta. Dudek states during her presentation that:” Cell Therapy is a team sport, and we must all work together to win for our patients.”

11 months ago

Designing ATMPs with the end in mind

Prof. Marc Turner, Professor of Cellular Therapy at the University of Edinburgh and Medical Director at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service likes to inspire us with his story about designing Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (i.e. tissues, gene & cell therapy)

Prof.Marc Turner at the MEB Science Day 2019

11 months ago

Current trends in ATMPs as seen by CAT

Dr Carla Herberts, senior clinical assessor MEB and alternate CAT member. ATMPs are too complex for large numbers.

11 months ago

Dr Marjon Pasmooij at the MEB Science Day

Dr Marjon Pasmooij welcomes 150 participants with great expectations regarding discussions on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. Where are we today? Pasmooij is looking forward to the interesting discussions with all key players as regulators, Industry and IGJ this afternoon.

CBG linkedin


11 months ago

De CBG Wetenschapsdag 2019 is gestart!

Wat is de stand van zaken op gebied van innovatieve geneesmiddelen zoals weefselmanipulatie, gen- en celtherapie? De #CBGWetenschapsdag2019  gaat over deze geavanceerde medische therapieën, de ATMP's. Volg onze videoblog via: